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Animapping Lambeth

Animapping Lambeth was a participatory photographic art project in 2011 created by myself and Elisa Noguera in collaboration with West Norwood's monthly market FEAST and The Portico Gallery.  The project was funded by Ideas Tap.  

Running over the first three events of FEAST, participants were invited to get involved in a series of workshops to help create an animated map of Lambeth, one for each event. Each of the three maps used old photographic print processes and analogue technologies to explore the history of the land and peoples' relationship to it. The maps were linked together through an intricate web of wool forming a bond between the people, history, and experiences embedded within the spaces that make up Lambeth.


Part 1 saw 61 people transfer their portrait onto their favorite place on the giant hand printed map of Lambeth from 1900.  Using old typewriters, participants then typed short texts about what makes those places so special, which formed a numbered key that linked up to their faces on the map. 


Part 2 involved 23 participants delving into an archive of photographic negatives from the most popular spaces from Part 1 that were photographed in 1900.  From these, participants then used an old photograhic process called ‘Van Dyke’ to print up the images, which formed a picture map of the area from the past.  Accompanying the images were short texts exploring personal stories of what the participants had done in those spaces. 


For the 3rd and final part of the project 25 participants used an archive of samples found from the most popular spots in Lambeth to create a collection of ‘Cyanotype’ photograms. 

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