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Memory Mapper

Memory mapper was a participatory art event run by Ella Bryant and Elisa Noguera at Kingsgate Open Studios in 2011. Visitors of the studios were invited to transform the Kingsgate Studios building into a 'Collective Mind of the People' through burying their memories within the buildings walls.


The activity was  divided into 3 stages. In the first stage we asked participants to think of a strong memory then reproduce it by drawing it or typing a short story about it at one of the workstations. In the second stage we ask participants to look at the giant hand-printed cyanotype map of the studios building and decide where they want to hide their memory.  Then over that spot they put a word that sums up their feelings about that memory, forming a key to the memories held within the walls of Kingsgate’s Collective Mind. The third stage was to find that spot within the building's interior and stick their memory there.



The event was a space where memories were brought together, shared and explored.


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